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Ben Collins is an Alumni of both Stetson University, and of CCF's predecessor, Baptist Campus Minisitry (BCM) at Stetson, where he served as a small group leader and as president. After graduating Stetson, Ben worked at FBC DeLand while completing Seminary, getting ordained, and remaining invested in and connected to the life of the BCM at Stetson. Two years ago he planted a church in DeLand, and has worked as an associate to the former BCM Driector- Margie Duncan. He's been a part of Baptist Ministry at Stetson for almost 10 years, has been mentored by and befriended both previous Directors of Baptist Ministry, and is thrilled with the fit and the positive energy about his continuing this vital ministry at Stetson.

My name is Kaylyn and I'm a senior Accounting major at Stetson. (I refuse to let you judge me by the fact that I look at numbers all day. The truth is I really care about people.) I enjoy blogging, traveling and playing the guitar in my spare time. My favorite color is purple, and I secretly (or not-so-much now) want to work for an African orphanage at some point in life. I also deeply enjoy meaningful conversation with friends new or old. CCF for me has become a very real definition of a faith community--striving to glorify the Lord while relating to the very real needs/pain of those around us. Loving God and Loving People. Over the years involved, I've found that quite often they are the same thing. If you're looking for a place to be stretched, challenged, encouraged, and above all loved I would hope that you give CCF a chance and get involved in this movement.

Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm a senior double major in English and Religious Studies. I love animals, especially my pet pig named Wendell. I also love baseball (go Braves!) and cold weather and walking in grass barefoot. This year, I'm serving as vice president for CCF and I would love to get to know you! CCF has been a great and loving community for me during my time at Stetson, and I would really love for you to be a part of our family. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at

Hi I'm Robby! I'm a senior studying Religious Studies with a minor in Political Science. In my spare time, I like eating mac and cheese and playing video games. This year in CCF, I'm one of the leaders of Worship Small Group. If you would like to get involved in small group or Vespers or just learn more about CCF or hang out, email me at

Suzanne is a MIS/Management major from Orlando. You might have run into her as a FOCUS leader, involved in Greek Life or here at CCF. Beyond that, she enjoys dancing, crafting, reading, biking and napping.

Hey!!! I'm Natalie Faria. I am a Sophomore and a Political Science major. I enjoy listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends, giving tours of campus, and meeting new people. This year I am new student leader for CCF and I hope that my small group will a place where new students can discuss and learn about their faith and have fun getting to know one another. If you have any questions or are a new student that wants to get involved feel free to email me.