Participant Resources

Project Vote Smart and On the Issues may help in researching your Senator or various issues that pertain to the Model Senate.

Don't forget to check out the United States Senate site. Each senator has their own webpage and state links. These sites are also helpful in finding how your Senator voted on the bills coming to the floor in the Model Senate.

The Library of Congress' THOMAS legislation database can provide you with further information on the bills, senator votes, etc..  In order to assure efficiency of the Model Senate, we change the text of the bills and, at times, the authors. The number of the bill does not change. Always refer to the copies in your binder as the authority.  If you have any questions please contact the Student Director, Brooke Wickham via email,

If you would like more information about the committee you sit on, please visit the Senate page for Committees.

If you would like to share a resource, please e-mail Glenna Roof, Political Science Department Secretary at