Example Problems

If you're looking to get a little bit of practice ahead of the contest, here are some problems from our contests over the past few years. Searching the web for sample programming contest problems may be beneficial as well.

As with the problems you'll see at the contest, the problems below contain a description of the problem, an example input file, a resulting example output file and a judge's input file. Contestants are to write code that fulfills the problem described, run it against the example input file and compare the program's output to the example output file provided to confirm the accuracy of their program. When the contestants are satisfied that their code operates correctly, they are to run their program against the judge's input file and send the output of their program along with a copy of their code to the judges.

In these files, the correct output of the program when run with the judge's input file is given, along with example code for solving the problem. It goes without saying that these won't be provided for the problems during an actual contest.