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Our History

Stetson ACM's founding members

The Stetson Student ACM chapter was first formed in 1984. Our first faculty advisor was Deborah Branton, and our first founding members included Anita Bardeen, Stephen McDaniel, Brook Monroe, Barry Pekin, and Melissa Titshaw.

After a brief hiatus in the early 90's, the chapter reactivated itself in 1996, with Wayne Staats as the faculty advisor. After a few years as advisor, Wayne passed the faculty leadership over to Dr. Dan Plante in 1999, who later passed the faculty leadership over to Dr. Hala ElAarag in 2005. The chapter's current faculty advisor is Dr. Joshua Eckroth.

In 2005, our ACM chapter was awarded 20th place in the 2005 ACM Southeast USA collegiate programming contest.