Hispanic Organization for Latin Awareness

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  • Category: Cultural and Identity-Based
  • Description: Stetson University’s H.O.L.A. is a Hispanic organization devoted toward developing a greater awareness of Latino culture, and identity on Stetson’s campus and throughout Florida. The mission of H.O.L.A. is to serve as an intercultural resource center on campus. Dedicated towards integrating all Latinos and non-latinos, we strive to enrich the intercultural experiences within Stetson’s community. Stetson University’s H.O.L.A. provides a supportive environment where students are welcome to discuss and understand issues of importance to them. The organization supports students through resources and services that foster the integration of their academic, social, cultural, and community service activities to enrich their Stetson experience. We also promote institution-wide festivals and events to educate the Stetson community of the rich cultural traditions and diversity, which encourages students to understand the importance of building a strong intercultural community at Stetson.
  • Website: hispanicorganizationforlatinawareness19680
  • Keywords:
    • HOLA
    • Hispanic organization of Latin American awareness
    • H.O.L.A.

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