Student Homeless Coalition

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  • Category: Service
  • Description: The primary focus of the Stetson University Student Homeless Coalition is to help aid the homeless in the city of Deland by any means we are able. In order to achieve this focus, we serve indirectly on our campus in Coalition- or CCE-sponsored events, and directly at local nonprofit organizations aimed at ending hunger and homelessness in our community. Student Homeless Coalition strives to be as flexible as possible with students by understanding that no two students are identical, and working with each student as closely as possible so as to foster a relationship between the struggling population and the students. Our goal is to inspire compassion and understanding from our students, and in return work to lower the levels of hunger, poverty and homelessness in Volusia County.
  • Website: studenthomelesscoalition
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    • homelessness
    • feed
    • soup kitchen
    • fight
    • mentor
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