Color Between the Lines

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  • Category: Social Action
  • Description: Org Color Between the Lines seeks to raise awareness on the significance and prevalence of racism in a contemporary social context. CBL will advocate the continuation of the fight against the racist mentality and behaviors in society. CBL will strive to disclose the many values and beauties the differences of all races and ethnicities can complement to the world. In doing so, CBL will bolster the appreciation of these differences through appealing to contemporary popular culture by conveying our message in the most relevant way to the appropriate audience. CBL will present concrete, factual evidence reinforcing how racism still exists in society. CBL will reveal the ways racism has taken on a new “face” from its traditional form, and how raising awareness of this issue will greatly alter social interactions for the better.
  • Website: No Website
  • Keywords:
    • racism
    • anti-racism
    • race
    • modern racism
    • social injustice
    • social issues
    • activism
    • racial equality
    • equality
    • diversity

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